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Saud Al-Sharafat ,Phd Dr. Al-Sharafat is a Brigadier-General (Ret), Jordanian General Intelligence Directorate (GID). Member of the National Policy Council (NPC), Jordan, 2012-2015. The founder and director of the Shorufat Center for Globalization and Terrorism Studies, Amman. His research interests focus on globalization, terrorism, Intelligence Analysis, Securitization, and Jordanian affairs. Among his publications: Haris al-nahir: istoriography al-irhab fi al-Urdunn khelall 1921-2020} {Arabic} {The River Guardian: the historiography of terrorism in Jordan during 1921-2020}, Ministry of Culture, Jordan, (2021). Jordan, (chapter)in the Handbook of Terrorism in the Middle East, Insurgency and Terrorism Series, Gunaratna, R. (Ed.), World Scientific Publishing, August 2022, 47-63 Chapter” Securitization of the Coronavirus Crisis in Jordan, “Aslam, M.M., & Gunaratna, R. (Eds.). (2022). COVID-19 in South, West, and Southeast Asia: Risk and Response in the Early Phase (1st ed.). Routledge.

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